Welcome 2017

A day late, I open my eyes and in the second day of the new year. Yippie!

The previous night, a persistent Sunway on new year eve and see an ocean of men who rejoice in his own way. Selfie all with artificial snow that dispray throughout the body. Absurdly hot weather in Malaysia is described snowy picture that will be distributed to around Dhaka, Mumbai and Jakarta or Bandung possible. Well who the original story they’re happy where footfall.

Sit quietly in a corner and I easily deduce oang Malaysia is actually a very sporting. Promise not mind crowding alike can witness the beauty and give joy to the family members. The best when all playfully spray snow tin tu It does not matter to the brother of Bangladesh, minah Indonesia and the Mat India and Pakistan are handsome including Caucasian, all Africans and the whole inside Sunway Pyramid crowded exactly 12 midnight January 1, 2017.

There are all sorts of feelings when caught in that situation.

Disgust face while cursing contact with soap bubbles, but at the same time you flowery heart to see the warmth fellowmen without prejudices and yeah, thanks, Malaysia is still safe.

Children between which I give color and meaning to the people who see it that night. Now people ask me why I do not like that her hair or her skin in such a way, but – which one maknya? Hoh then out remarks such as ought comelllss …, ooo ha ahhhh likened advance or at least, why do not participate face mak? But I do not care because any response out all the cute sounds in the ear. Kids are kids no matter how different they look, fathoms still cute. Agree?

Ok 2017.

I have a multimillion plan but I just hope that this will be over. Incredible strength. Because the 2017 and the new status is not a dream, just transit in life. The most beautiful moment in 2016 sometimes can turn into a nightmare of horror in recent years. But that does not mean you die with memories. Life must be continued and stepped up to the expectations.

Even friends tear drop. And a bucket of tears.

Welcome 2017. Please be nice to me.

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